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Over 40 years of experience representing taxpayers with audits, collections, criminal prosecutions and offshore matters

The Phoenix-based law firm of Kirk A. McCarville, P.C. is a full service, tax practice dedicated to providing clients an uncompromising level of service.  Established with a reputation for dediction, exceptional legal ability and strong ethical standards, we offer a full range of services to individual and business clients.  Located in the Biltmore-area of Phoenix, our practice has served clients across the country, and in a number of foreign jurisdictions.  We specialize in tax controversies, and provide expertise in a number of areas as well.

Our law firm has provided clients with talented and knowledgeable service and support since 1981.  We offer a broad range of services, including:

  • Civil tax controversy

  • Criminal tax controversy

  • Tax litigation

  • Tax audits

  • Tax Appeals

  • Offshore account and foreign financial assets reporting

  • Marijuana-related tax controversy

  • Private Letter Ruling requests

We are an AV firm, with the highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards.



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Areas of Practice

Civil tax controversy

Civil tax controversies can take many forms - not just audits, appeals and litigation.  We are often called upon to assist and advise individuals and other professionals advising their clients, in the tax aspects of many matters such as divorces, business formations, business disputes, etc.  Our tax controversy work encompasses federal, state and local tax disputes.

tax audits

For many people and businesses, an audit is one of their worst nightmares.  While smaller, simple audits can sometimes be handled by an unrepresented taxpayer or an accountant, complex or high-dollar audits, or audits involving the threat of fraud or criminal consequences are best handled by a skilled tax attorney.  We specialize in such matters, and when necessary, partner with the top accountants in the area to get the best results possible

marijuana-related tax controversy

Currently, this area of taxation is very much like the Wild West.  Uncertainty abounds.  Conflict between state and federal laws regarding the legality of both medical and recreational businesses present numerous problems.  We partner with some of the best practitioners (CPAs and other attorneys) in this new and developing area.

criminal tax controversy

While we treat each of our clients and cases with the same degree of attention and care, we are especially cognizant that when criminal issues are involved, the stakes are perhaps at their highest.  The threat of loss of liberty, freedom, various rights, and often substantial amounts of money weigh particularly heavily on our clients.  We work incredibly hard, and as a result, have successfully helped clients avoid or mitigate the life changing consequences these cases present.

tax appeals

After an audit, and prior to litigating tax disputes with the government in Tax Court or another forum, many, if not most, controversies can be economically resolved in the IRS Office of Appeals.  We have successfully resolved countless cases in this manner.

private letter ruling requests

Requests for private letter rulings are often a useful proactive means of avoiding scrutiny by the IRS prior to entering into a transaction that is either complex or that raises uncertain tax implications.  They can also be useful to resolve inadvertent errors while avoiding what can often be dire consequences.  We can determine whether a PLR request is right for you, and help you navigate the process.

tax litigation

While we pride ourselves on achieving the best results for our clients in the most expedient and cost effective manner possible (i.e. at the audit or appeals level) sometimes, the issues are such that presenting the matter to a tribunal, be it Tax Court, Federal District Court, Federal Court of Claims, or state and local courts, is the only viable option.  We are not afraid to fight for your rights and a just outcome in the courtroom.

offshore financial assets

Individuals and businesses with unreported income from sources outside the U.S., and undeclared interests in a variety of foreign financial assets face significant risks in this new era.  The bastions of bank secrecy have fallen, and various U.S. authorities, from the IRS, to FinCEN, to the Department of Justice, have all stepped up their enforcement efforts.  With leaks, whistleblowing, and the increased sharing of information between the U.S. and foreign financial institutions and tax authorities, the risk of being investigated for failing to fully comply with the plethora of often complex reporting requirements is greater than ever.  We can help evaluate your exposure, and craft a solution tailored specifically to your needs, concerns and resources.


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